Quick & Easy Fruit and Dip

I thought I’d share this delicious strawberry dip recipe. This is a very easy recipe, but it is so delicious! I bought strawberries on the cheap last week, so I had to do some dips to get there. However, you can really use this strawberry dip for any fruit. My favorite is to use it with strawberries, apples or bananas. But to be fair, this strawberry dip goes really well with any dip.
* Ingredients:
° 1 container of softened strawberry cream cheese
° 1 container of fresh whisk
° 1 container of marshmallow cream
* How to make a strawberry dip recipe:
Mix the softened cream cheese with the marshmallow cream.
Fold the fresh whisk.
Let sit in your fridge for about an hour to let all the flavors combine.
And serving with favourite fruit ! Delicious !